Our company continue producing with 14.000 m2 open, 9.000 m2 closed modern facility area thanks to thirty years of experience and accumulation about production processes in TURKEY.

Our company, has half century of experience in the sector, incorporated into CEM trademark in 2012 and walks adding new goals seriously to stay the course being the new door of our country and cities to open the World. 

Our company, purposed to catch the technological progress with staff comprised of R&D team and eager engineers, continues work everyday with a new hope. 

Our company, make production by means of our staff’s meticulous works, has completed high-capacity works in TURKEY successfully and continue to produce best quality and efficient products. 

Our company, produces world class manufacturing about maesuring systems, posses all certificates gotten competent authorities related quality and environmental conscience. 

Our company is glad to produce products without sacrificing quality thanks to thirty years of experience and accumulation, and purpose to produce and develop more sensitive measuring systems.

Best Regards…